Quick Start Guide:
1) Install 2 AAA batteries in the wireless keyboard and mouse. Your media center includes a
rechargeable combination fly mouse remote with a keyboard. A charging cord for the fly mouse
remote is included.
Most users find it easier to navigate content with the wireless mouse and keyboard. Try both and
decide which works best for you.

2) Connect the HDMI (largest HDMI connector) cable into any unoccupied HDMI port on your
television. Connect the other end (small HDMI) of the HDMI cable to the EZFREETV computer box.

3) Connect the power cord to the EZFREETV computer box. Plug the power cord into an electrical
outlet. If you are using the FLY MOUSE, be sure to put the dongle into one of the USB ports on the
EZFREETV-4 computer box. If you are using the Wireless Mouse and Keyboard. Remove the dongle
from the wireless mouse and insert it into a USB port. Do not power up the box until both dongles or
one has been inserted and the batteries have been installed.

4) Using your television remote press “INPUT” and choose the HDMI port you chose for the
If you have chosen the correct HDMI port the User interface screen with u-tube, KODI, SHOWBOX and
more apps will appear. If you do not see the User Interface screen change the input to a different
HDMI port.
If you do not see the User Interface screen, double check your HDMI port selection.

5) Now you will need to connect to the internet. If your router is located close to your TV connect an
Ethernet cable from the EZFREETV box to your router.

6) If you want to connect wirelessly (WIFI) then from the “User Interface screen left click once on
“SETTINGS”, then left click once on “NETWORK”. If you are using WIFI, left click once on WIFI making
sure the “ON” light is illuminated.

7) If you are connecting  wirelessly left click once on “WIFI” and  Look for your WIFI signal . left click
once on it. A keyboard and prompt will appear. Enter your password. If you are connected the words
“CONNECTED” will appear at the bottom of the connection description. Be sure you are using the
correct password.

8) Now you are hooked up and ready to view content.   FOR MORE DETAILS and Instructions as to
where to locate content…… GO TO CLICK ON EZFREETV 4 Support. If you have a
USER ID (tvnation) - PASSWORD (tv4ezfree). If you get stuck, send us an email, we will reply
promptly or request we call you. We will gladly talk you through it.