KODI / Navi - X  Pay Per View
1)    From the POP screen left click once on “OTHER”.
2)    Left click once on “KODI” (Icon with TV and Antennas)
3)    Run your cursor over ‘PROGRAMS”
4)    When Programs illuminates, left click once on “NAVI X”
5)    Left click once on “NAVI-X starts here”.
6)    Left click once (ON THE THIRD ICON FROM THE LEFT  ON THE BOTTOM ROW OF ICONS”. It will say most
recently updated.
Scroll up and down. You will see “PAY PER VIEW CONTENT LISTED”
7)    Left click once on “PAST EVENTS” to replay pay per view events. Scroll up and down to find specific listings.

If you do not have this addon.….On this page  you will find “Top 20 Addons for 2016”. There you will find the
addon loading instructions
Open KODI and Look for “Castaway  Left click once on “Live Sport” Then left click once on “VIPLEAGUE.ME”(find
by scrolling down)
Choose the desired sport ie: Boxing, WWE, UFC etc.  Left click on the desired sport. The times of the event will be
on the left.
If you get a script error the event has not started. The link will not open until the event has begun.