Troubleshooting the EZFREETV 3 “Living Room Computer and Media Center”

•What should I use to control my EZFREETV and navigate through it?
EZFREETV Android TV Boxes come with a wireless mouse, remote control and keyboard. These products are  
Android Compatible devices.We recommend using these to navigate and use the EZFREETV 3.

•My EZFREETV Android TV Box doesn’t turn on?
Make sure the power plug is pushed into the EZFREETV 3 all the way and the other end is plugged into a wall unit
that has power. If both ends of the power cord are connected properly and you have tested it on multiple power
outlets and the unit is still not turning on. Please contact customer service by email at

•The EZFREETV Android TV Box is turned on but I can’t see anything on my TV?
Make sure your TV is turned ON and that the HDMI cable is plugged in all the way on both sides, the EZFREETV box
and your TV. Make sure your TV is set for the correct source “HDMI” input.

•The display on my screen is too big or too small
Click settings. Click Display, Click Display size. Adjust until the screen fits your TV using the plus and minus symbols
and then click back

•My Wi-Fi isn’t working
Click settings. Click Network Connections. Click Wi-Fi, Click on your Wi-Fi network. Enter your network password.

•How can I hook up a blue tooth device to my EZFREETV Android TV Box?
The Quad Core EZFREETV Android TV Box does not support Bluetooth.

•Can I upgrade from the version of Android that comes on My EZFREETV unit?
The version of Android that is on your unit is currently the most stable version of Android for TV Boxes. You can
upgrade to a newer version of Android because the EZFREETV Android TV Box is completely open and rooted, but
we do not recommend doing this and we do not offer support in upgrading your EZFREETV Android TV Box to a
newer version of Android or any problems that you may encounter if you do upgrade your Android operating system.