Removing and enabling addons in KODI

You can easily remove add-ons from KODI which you don’t use, or add-ons which might be problematic from
your KODI configuration, in fact it takes less than ten seconds to do.

Step 1- Open Kodi. Run your mouse over the center black line and illuminate the word “VIDEOS”

Step 2- Left click once on the addons tab just to the lower right corner of the word “VIDEOS”

Step 3- Scroll down and locate get more. It is easily recognized by its Puzzle piece logo. “Left click on Get More”

Step 4- A list of available and enabled addons will appear. Scroll up and down and locate the addon you wish
to remove.

Step 5- Left click once on the targeted addon. A new addon Information Window will appear.

Step 6- Left click once on “UNINSTALL”. Your targeted addon has now been removed.
Through the same process you may return at any time and re-install the addon.